love me some reginald

I’m glad elton john changed his name because could you imagine going “oh yes I love reginald dwight’s music”

I def. had anger problems in high school lmao

mostly because I had no idea how to deal w/ people at all

I mean I still don’t but I’m not as angry any more


I remember that kid and I remember that he was an asshole but I

I can’t parse that paragraph as something that I wrote

Yeeeah, I’m angreh at a lot of stuff right now >:C
Like this idiot kid at my school who keeps teasing me at tennis, then expects me to be nice to him the next day and let him borrow my *Ahem* AWESUM *Herm* caculator/ruler (yes it’s one thing) D: I don’t trust him, or his little *gang* so to speak… And, (oh god) his f**king, unrelenting manical laughter makes me hate him even more, seriously, teasing is enough but continuosly laughing after he’s been sent off the court is just too f**king much. GOD DAMN IT!!! 

oh my god I used to censor myself

I picked elton john as my headcanon voice for harrison back in 2008 apparently

I picked elton john as my headcanon voice for harrison back in 2008 apparently

tmi for #mental health I guess

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One was about the fact that I had just discovered that Ross means horse; I’d looked it up in a baby book, and I thought that was really funny … also at the time I was having a really disastrous attempt at a relationship with an air hostess. It didn’t work out, so I was writing a song about that … I was writing two songs and getting nowhere with them, so I combined them and got a flying horse. And I came up with Pegasus … I looked up all the things that rhymed with Pegasus and I got Dimitrius and Sagittarius. And of course the Sagittarian’s the half-man half-horse.

—Ross Ryan,APRAP, March 2002, [9]
I finally know what this fuckin song means
should be chanting motherlode; go big or go home

I would but motherlode was introduced in sims 2 I think

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