• dad turns the TV over to rocky horror
  • me: why is it on the comedy channel
  • mum: well it's not actually horror
  • dad: oh yes it is

there’s a lot of weird shit in the show as well

like one of the teachers wheels her dead husband’s skeleton around and uses him as a puppet and acts like he’s still alive

i think Jhonen Vasquez did some designs for that show? is it cool

YEAH it’s pretty cute

like it’s obviously aimed at teenage boys and has a lot of like

burp and fart jokes

but it’s pretty neat

I started watching randy cunningham 9th grade ninja because the villain is gross and voiced by tim curry

look at him he’s great

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 - Imagine All Star People


You may say I’m a dreamer

but the media men beg to differ

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I got dad to start the tutorial levels of tf2 but he’s never used WASD and the mouse to play a game before

he has to think before pressing each key

this is going to take a long time

I just noticed the fucking currawong noises in the background

hello I am Ari

I make shirts:

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